Welcome! We are so happy you're joining us...

Welcome! We are so happy you're joining us...

Welcome.  Bienvenue.  Willkommen.  Bienvenido.  Yōkoso.  Shalom.  Svaagat he.  Kuwakaribisha

You can’t imagine how happy we are to know you’re joining the AppPropo community. And what a community this is!  We are business people from all walks of life, from many countries, working in many different industries, yet sharing some common challenges. 

One of the biggest challenges for international business people is to understand ones foreign colleagues enough to be able to successfully conduct business. As we all know, it goes far beyond language. So often it’s the clashes of cultures and misunderstandings that stand in our way of making real connections and developing real relationships. 

And that is the heart of AppPropo.  To provide you with the proper business etiquette, from around the world, so you can make better connections and build better relationships. And we all know that better relationships can lead to better business.

Good Manners → Good Relationships → Good Business

We want you to have access to the best, most recent, and the most relevant information available. So, let us know if we’ve gotten something wrong. Let us know if we’ve gotten something right. Share with us your experiences. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook. Check back with us right here on this blog.

So, again, welcome!  

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